Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching

What do I offer my clients?

I create a consistent and ongoing relationship with my clients as they move toward the goal of parenthood. I assist in discovering and creating ways to support the individual on their unique journey. I offer a space to express openly about the present experience — without judgement, I create a space where clients can vent, rant, cry, laugh, and express whatever is on their hearts and minds in whatever way feels best to them. I am a witness to my clients’ experiences. I provide support and strategy around gaining some peace and ease on what can be a very tumultuous ride. The work we do together impacts and supports your ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term. We focus on acknowledging every step taken toward desired outcomes, strengthening coping skills, and staying engaged with the ongoing flow of life. These elements are important during what can otherwise be an all-consuming experience.

Supportive friends and family are important and wonderful, yet they cannot hold open space for a client in the same way that a coach does. Most of the time, they have not had any experience that can help them relate to the challenges my clients are facing. I offer support, companionship, and a healthy perspective from a place of personal experience and professional training.

What is coaching?

In general coaching is the practice of supporting clients through the process of achieving a specific personal or professional result. A coach facilitates sustainable change in a client’s experience and life by facilitating a process of shift of mind, emotions, and actions that support a desired outcome.

In coaching we focus on strengths and what does work for you, what is effective for you. Through an approach of curiosity and enquiry, we discover what works for you to bring about the experiences you want in your life. The investigation progresses as an internal enquiry based on your values and preferences.

How is working with a life coach different from working with a counselor or psychotherapist?

Life coaching clients are in a generally healthy place, but they may be dissatisfied, misunderstood, or confused. They want to move forward from a currently uncomfortable, unhappy situation to a more peaceful experience, to a place of moving through life toward a desired outcome with ease. A life coach is a professional who you can trust to confidentially work with you on the most important aspects of your life.

Where do sessions take place?

Most of my coaching engagements occur over the phone or via Skype. If you are local to the Seattle area, you are welcome to come my office for sessions. For Reiki sessions, we meet in-person at a location that we have agreed upon.