Fertility Journey Survey: Status Update

Thank You Again
Thank you, everyone who has responded and participated so far. I am approaching the end of the survey process. Then it will be time to review all the information I’ve gathered, sort it, and draw some conclusions. I’ll be posting an overview summary of findings here once I get to that point – perhaps the end of March.  This has been a very fulfilling experience for me, and I am hopeful that the participants have found benefit in retelling their stories as well. Many have actually said as much and the comment makes my heart sing.

I’ll Be Right With You
If you have reached out to me and haven’t heard back just yet, please be patient with me. I want to connect with you and will be in touch just as soon as is humanly possible. If you’d like to reach me, please call me on 206-445-0553 or write to me. I love to hear from you.