Request for Help: Surveying Challenges

As many of you are aware, I’ve taken a very long and winding road to motherhood. I know, first hand, this time of year can bring an even heavier emotional weight with it when a woman is working towards creating a baby. For example, it’s hard to see everyone making merry with the egg nog while you are being ever so diligent about what you consume. Also, seeing families enjoying the festivities through the eyes of their little ones re-emphasizes the feelings of “abnormal” and “failure” that some women experience when they’ve been trying to conceive for a number of years.

I’d like to offer support around how to move through the season with good feelings and enter 2012 with a renewed sense of hope and faith that all is well. My intention is to help alleviate the feelings of isolation and separation, grief, and the maelstrom of feelings that are part of the experience.

I would greatly appreciate any referrals. If you know women that can use this kind of support, please send them to so they can learn more about me and my work. I offer free initial consultations to see if there’s a good match before making any coaching commitments. Also, if you’re comfortable sharing their contact information with me, I can contact them directly and let them know you referred me.

Your Experience
I’m also interested in knowing what your experience is with women you know who are facing fertility challenges. Did you know them before they discovered these challenges? If so, how have these women changed along the journey? What do you see as their biggest need, other than becoming pregnant, that would bring the smile back to their hearts? If you’d like to share about your experience with a friend who was or is facing fertility challenges and want to keep the friend anonymous, I totally respect that and appreciate anything you’d like to share. Please contact me via the form on the Services Page.

The Survey
Over the next few weeks, I’ll be surveying women who have either faced fertility challenges in the past or who are in the midst of facing them now. If you know women who would be willing to participate in the survey, I would love to connect with them. Please send them my way.

Facing Fertility Challenges
If you yourself are a woman facing fertility challenges, I would love to hear directly from you. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the Services Page to let me know your level of interest. Would you like to participate in the survey? Would you like some support?

Thank you!