Private Coaching


I offer a few different packages depending on what you are experiencing right now on your unique journey. Many clients find that over the course of the journey their needs change.

My offerings accommodate these fluctuations with the goal of providing a warm and supportive space where we look at and manage what you are experiencing each step of the way. My focus is on coaching women like you through your specific and individual concerns, enabling you to cope with fertility challenges through education, mindset/perspective training, decision-making support, resource referrals, and emotional support.

Some of the outcomes you can expect from working with me include:

  • Regaining confidence in your body and yourself
  • Reconnection with the important people in your life
  • Managing the swirl of information, emotions, details and decisions
  • Rejoining the flow of life beyond the consuming fixation of creating a baby
  • Re-engaging with the nurturance of intimacy and companionship within healthy relationships
  • Making decisions confidently with the information you need to progress toward the goal of parenthood

How would you like the opportunity to rise out of the emotional pain, confusion, and overwhelm? How would it feel to be able to refocus your energy in areas of your life that have withered from neglect? What if you could find a new appreciation for yourself and your body while continuing to pursue the goal of parenthood? Can you imagine having someone to rely on to ensure progress with this precious goal while also helping you regain and maintain peace and ease along the way? Let’s talk.